About Accent Aigu Office

Accent Aigu Office is specialized in the following fields:

‣ Translation and proofreading

Translation and proofreading of documents in French, English, Japanese

‣ Transcription

Transcription of video and audio documents (French only)

‣ Subtitle creation

Inlay your subtitles on video (precise synchronization, formatting, visual effects, etc.).

‣ Website and brochure design

Website design using the WordPress CMS

‣ Rental studio

Studios for rent by the hour or day. Chairs, desks and free Wi-fi available.

‣ Ballet school

Classical Ballet school founded in 2018.


French Translation Services

Japanese/English to French translation


翻訳サービス  翻訳サービス

Available languages

仏語 翻訳  英語 翻訳  日本語 翻訳

 Our Concept

We deliver your request in accurate French and provide native French translations according to your wishes for your project.
We can translate in various fields in three languages (French, English, and Japanese).

 Specialized fields

  •  General texts (email, business, marketing)
  •  Media (articles, corporate brochures, websites)
  •  Entertainment (video games, website, subtitles, anime)
  •  Classical ballet and arts (brochures, websites, documentaries)
  •  Administrative documents for embassies (residence certificate, birth certificate, etc.)
  •  Intellectual property (patents) (IT, electrical, mechanical engineering, electronics)
  •  Proofreading
  •  Transcription (French films, documentaries, courses, etc.)

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Our translation rates are calculated and adjusted according to your project and based on several criteria.
Please do not hesitate to request a quote.

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